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A PList file, like Mankoff said, is just a specially formatted XML file, so you can actually edit and create them in a program like TextEdit. Because of the specific nature of PLists to Development, however, using a special program like Xcode or Property List Editor becomes a much more fruitful endeavor.

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File TypeMac OS X Property List File

CategorySettings Files
FormatText and Binary

What is a PLIST file?

A PLIST file is a settings file, also known as a 'properties file,' used by macOS applications. It contains properties and configuration settings for various programs. PLIST files are formatted in XML and based on Apple's Core Foundation DTD.

PLIST files can be saved in a text or a binary format. The text-based documents and can be edited with a text editor. However, they typically should not be edited by the user, since they are modified by their respective programs as needed.

Property list files included with applications can be created and edited by the developer using Apple's Property List Editor, which is included with Apple Developer Tools. They can also be opened and edited using a third-party PLIST editing program.

Apple Plist Files

NOTE: You can convert PLIST files between XML and binary formats using the plutil command line tool:

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  • Binary to XML: plutil -convert xml1 file.plist
  • XML to Binary: plutil -convert binary1 file.plist

Info.plist - The primary property list for Mac OS X applications, located in the /Contents/ directory of an .APP bundle. To view this file, right-click an application file, select 'Show Package Contents,' and open the Contents folder.

Unknown files on your Mac? Try File Viewer.
Programs that open PLIST files

File Extension Plist Windows 7

Apple Xcode
Fat Cat PlistEdit Pro
Night Productions Pref Setter
Late Night Property List Tools
Apple plutil
Any text editor
Microsoft Notepad
Corel WordPerfect X9
Any text editor
Open plist file windows 7

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