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Rated 5 out of 5 by CookieBear246 from Fun Interior Design GameI really loved this game. You get a good amount of free reign when decorating living spaces, which was really cool, and you get a decent amount of things to choose from, which was nice as well. You are a designer and you are to decorate there space, and you also have a limited amount of spending money, so you learn to shop frugal too. You are told when you're doing really good, and if the owner loves it you can move onto the next step, however, if you don't put enough effort or pay attention to what they might want, you'll have to start over again. You can get the hint to tell you what belongs in the house, but that ruins the whole point of a challenge. Onto the next stage you have workers that will finish the construction of your living space, and you only get a certain amount of 'days' to complete it. This stage of the game will become challenging with the little things the game creator added here and there. I have to admit, I was mad sometimes. What I liked about the game was everything. I love being able to choose items to decorate with, and the challege was nice as well. I recommend 'Home Sweet Home: Kitchens & Baths' edition as well.

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