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I'm trying to install VB6 on Windows 10, I've successfully installed based on a tutorial site in portuguese [], and now when I open projects I have the following reference marked

. 64 bit MDAC 2.7 is only available with Windows XP Client 64 bit (limited release). Windows.NET Server 64 bit will ship with 64 bit build of MDAC 2.7 sp1. 64 bit MDAC is currently not available as standalone redist on web (MDACTYP.EXE). There are NO TOOLS available to check the MDAC on 64 bit OS. I understand that a Windows 7 includes the newest MDAC, and so I should not install it separately. So then, how do I get past the above error? FYI, the program is Service Pack 5 for MS Visual Studio 6.0.

MISSING: Microsoft Remote Data Object 2.0


Mdac Win 10

Note: ADLibVB6 is a dll made for this project.

^. Retrieved 2009-04-05. Retrieved 2009-04-05. Alien vs predator game 2010 free download.


Mdac 2.7 Sp1 Windows 10

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You can not install MDAC on Windows 10. However, you probably dont need it. Click Start and type 'ODBC' and that will bring up Setup ODBC Data Sources. There are 32 and 64 bit versions, you should probably use the 32 bit version.

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Check this guide.

RDO 2.0 can be taken form here .

But, then a 'wblocked' block will not work (editable). My failing part is how to bring in a block in to add as a dynamic block. But then if it is brought into another block, then it becomes a 'static' block. If an attributed block is created, then it is a block to be edited.

Windows 10 Mdac 2.7 Sp1 Download

The file ( is part of a cumulative updater for the vb6 sp6 runtime extended files.

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Mdac Download Windows 7

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