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When I am using PDF Creator to create PDF documents the quality of the fonts is not exactly the same as when I am using Adobe Acrobat to create the same PDF. The fonts when creating with pdf creator are a bit more fussy (not as crispy as with Adobe).


Does anyone know if/how I can resolve this?

Here are 2 example documents that demonstrate what I mean:

Financial EconomistFinancial Economist

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I don't have a solution for you unfortunately but I can tell you that what you are seeing is anti-aliasing. If anti-aliasing is enabled, fonts at lower resolutions will get that 'fuzziness' that some people believe helps with reading. It might not look as pretty but it improves word recognition (so the theory goes). But that's beside the point. What you need to do is look for a setting to disable anti-aliasing. If you can't find it then you might have to look into setting actual Ghostscript settings, possibly dTextAlphaBits but I'm not a Ghostscript expert.

You can tell its anti-aliasing because the 'fuzziness' only appears when the fonts are small. Once you zoom in it all goes away.

Image zoomed out:

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Image zoomed in

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