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Overall I was actually having a lot of fun with the game, getting to set up multiple ninja and set up different attack plans with the combo system was pretty fun. But as you progress, the game gets uglier. You have your in game currency, coupons which are a semi premium currency you can earn in game easily enough, and then ingots which are their premium currency.
It's set up with a mobile game version as well which is why it has a mobile game economy and not a real in game economy, so don't expect to play this game for hours and hours a day for free. You gain 1 stamina every 6 minutes (stops regenerating at 150) and 100 stamina at 5:00 am every day up to a max of 350 in reserve. This means that after draining your stamina in 15 to 16 missions (some of which aren't necessary to the plot) you'll be empty and have to wait until tomorrow after maybe an hour of gameplay unless you want to buy some premium currency to recharge your stamina. If it wasn't for this horrible mobile game style kneecapping of the stamina recharge (which is in itself a stupid f***ing mobile game mechanic that shouldn't even be present here) you would be able to farm multiple characters per day and EVEN THEN you would STILL have weeks if not months of gameplay even without this stamina system. With it you put in place the ironclad rule that whoever pays most wins most. This game is built to be friendly to whales (gaming term for gamers who have access to large amounts of disposable income which they then spend in game to excessive amounts, ruining the balance of the game for themselves and sometimes others depending on the microtransaction economy in that game)
You don't just use your stamina to get through the instances though, you also have to farm them at 10 stamina per run for a chance to get upgrade materials which will upgrade your armor from genin to chunin class, meaning you will spend several days farming for an hour and then either shelling out money for ingots or waiting until tomorrow, for another hour of gameplay. However this isn't the only once a day farm, you also have the ninja exam to farm jewels to set in to this gear to increase stats even more, but you aren't guaranteed a jewel and once you've played a level you can't replay it until you reset your progress on the exam which can only be done ONCE PER DAY. AGAIN. This is also an absolutely UNAVOIDABLE step in the game if you wish to be capable of doing anything at all.
It's designed as a mobile game where they have every possible opportunity for monetization up front and center. Every time you level up it opens this marketplace thing which, you guessed it, advertises how much other shit you can buy. 'Jonin medals, ingots, boosters, summon packs rare summon packs ultra mega super duper extracalifragalistic summons' you get the point it's a greedy overmonetized cash grab. HELL THEY MONETIZED THE CHAT BOX! YOU NEED TRUMPETS TO USE THE CHAT WHICH, GUESS WHAT, ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!
Having the access to the community (of which I only saw nice people) be blocked by a paywall is absolutely unacceptable. It destroys your playerbase's ability to grow on their own and is a sign of a company that doesn't care about their players past their wallets. This game puts the excessive greed either from oasgames or Bandai Namco on full display and it's disgusting.
And I really really wish it wasn't, because if they had made this game properly it would be fun as hell.

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