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Install MySQL Mac the easy way using our tech tutorial – walkthrough below. Thanks stopping by to read about installing MySQL on your Mac! We mostly type about Tableau Consulting and other fun tech tutorials. Install My SQL Mac – The Guide on How To Install Mysql on Mac. Tutorial 1 – Install MySQL Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air!

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I want to install the MySQL client for the command line, not a GUI. I have searched over the web but only found instructions on installing the MySQL server.

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If you have already installed MySQL from the disk image (dmg) from, open a terminal, run:

then, reload .bash_profile by running following command:

You can now use mysql to connect to any mysql server:

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Michael Lihs
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Mysql has a client-only set of utilities:

Mysql client shell

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Other command line utilities

Mac OSX version available.

Mac Install Mysql Workbench


There is now a mysql-client formula.

brew install mysql-client

Mysql Install Mac 5.6


Open the 'MySQL Workbench' DMG file and

Eject the DMG disk Colorado license plate renewal.


There is a Homebrew formulae for just a client:

Install it by: brew install mysql-client

4,3344 gold badges38 silver badges55 bronze badges For installing mysql-shell with homebrew, run

you can then launch the mysql shell with

if you want to enter SQL mode directly, run

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This strictly installs a command line client, without the other overhead:

Install Homebrew (if you don't have it):

Then, install mysql-client:

Then, add the mysql-client binary directory to your PATH:

Finally, reload your bash profile:

Then you should be able to run mysql in a terminal, if not try opening a new terminal

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If you installed from the DMG on a mac, it created a mysql client but did not put it in your user path.

Add this to your .bash_profile:

This will let you run mysql from anywhere as you.

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As stated by the earlier answer you can get both mysql server and client libs by running

brew install mysql.

There is also client only installation. To install only client libraries run

brew install mysql-connector-c

In order to run these commands, you need homebrew package manager in your mac. You can install it by running

/usr/bin/ruby -e '$(curl -fsSL'

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The easiest way would be to install mysql server or workbench, copy the mysql client somewhere, update your path settings and then delete whatever you installed to get the executable in the first place.


Using MacPorts you can install the client with:

You also need to select the installed version as your mysql

The server is only installed if you append -server to the package name (e.g. mysql57-server)

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