Magnum Research Serial Number Dates

Contact Magnum Research Technical Support Department to receive a Return Authorization number before shipping a firearm to the factory. You can do this by online (RA request form) or by calling 218-746-3459. Feb 19, 2008  The serial number is only 4 digits (not sure if that is significant) My question is - Is this a MK VII or MK XIX? How the heck do you tell? There are no markings that give it away. The reason I ask is because I am ordering a new spring kit from Magnum Research, and I dont know what I need. Edit: I've consulted the manual with little.

Does the magnum research baby desert eagle co2 bb gun use plastic or metal bbs?

The Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle shoots Metal BB's. It is an Air gun not Airsoft. But Magnum Research also makes a Desert Eagle ( Not Baby) that is an airsoft pistol that shoots Plastic BB's

Baby desert eagle serial numbers

What is the inventor of the desert eagle?

What is a baby eagle magnum research 40 cal worth?

New retail $559.00, or so says the website for Deser Eagle.

Magnum Research 357 Desert Eagle IMI value?

Who invented the desert eagle 50?

The Desert Eagle .50 cal is a ridiculously large handgun that was developed by the gun company, Magnum Research.

Who made the desert eagle?

They were manufactured by Magnum Research, Israeli Military Industries/Israeli Weapons Industries, and Saco.

Who made the Desert Eagle gun?

Magnum Research, then Israeli Military Industries (now Israeli Weapons Industries).

Is there a semi automatic pistol that can shoot 357 magnum?

Yes. offhand, I know of two. Magnum Research made the Desert Eagle available in .357 Magnum, and Coonan Arms manufactured a semi-auto .357 Magnum, based on the M1911 pattern pistols.

Is the desert eagle a magnum?

The Desert Eagle is a pistol, and some of the cartridges it is available in are marketed as Magnum cartridges, including the .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, and .44 Magnum. The .50 Action Express is not, however, billed as a Magnum cartridge.

What state does the desert eagle pistol come from?

The Desert Eagle is a large semi auto pistol designed by Magnum Research in the U.S., and manufactured primarily in Israel Manufacturing was moved to the state of Maine from 1996 to 2000 which carried the XIX designation, but shifted back to Israel but today is mainly held by Magnum Research. I own one!

Who made the Desert Eagle pistol?

Magnum Research at first, then later, Israeli Military Industries (now Israeli Weapons Industries).

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Where was the gun Desert Eagle .50 originally from?

Israel- produced by Magnum Research and IMI. Manufacturing was moved to Maine, then back to isreal.

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What is more powerfull a 357 Magnum or a Desert Eagle?

What calibre Desert Eagle did you have in mind? The Desert Eagle came in .357 Magnum, but was also available in several considerably more powerful calibres, including .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .440 Cor-Bon, and .50 Action Express.

Is a 44 magnum more powerful than a Desert Eagle pistol?

The Desert Eagle was made in several calibers- one of which WAS the .44 magnum.

Which is better magnum or desert eagle?

'Magnum' refers to the cartridge, not the firearm. The Desert Eagle fires Magnum cartridges. What you're probably asking is the difference between a revolver chambered for Magnum cartridges, and a Desert Eagle semi automatic pistol. Of the two, the revolver would typically be much more practical.

by B. Gil Horman - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Magnum Research, Inc. Desert Eagle Pistol is an unusual semi-auto that enjoys a nearly universal level of recognition thanks to its regular appearance in movies, television shows and video games. In production for over three decades now, this massive pistol's long and colorful history generates plenty of questions in on-line discussions. To find the answers to nine of the top questions folks have about this beefy big-bore semi-auto, we went straight to the expert with the inside story: master gunsmith, designer and director of manufacturing for Magnum Research, Jim Tertin. Here's a countdown of what we learned:

9. Wasn't the Desert Eagle originally developed in Israel?
The pistols were first manufactured by IMI (Israeli Military Industry, Ltd.), an Israeli defense contractor. However, IMI was a subcontractor of Magnum Research. They had no ownership of the design. IMI went through some internal restructuring and all of the commercial enterprises the company was involved in were sold to IWI (Israel Weapon Industries, Ltd.). In 2006, Magnum Research started to engineer production of the Desert Eagle in Pillager, Minn. By 2008, the first U.S.-made Desert Eagles were delivered starting at serial number DE0001000. Today, the pistols are manufactured using all American components.

Desert Eagle Serial Number Date

8. Besides its obvious girth, what sets the Desert Eagle apart from other semi-autos?
This pistol should really be thought of as a hand-held rifle, and not just because it shoots big rounds. Most of the pistols on the market have blow-back or recoil-operated actions of one type or another. The Desert Eagle, on the other hand, employs a gas-operated action comparable to the AK-47 rifle with a multi-lug rotary bolt similar to that of an AR-15 rifle, minus the bolt carrier. In fact, this proven Magnum Research bolt design was adopted by IWI for use in its Tavor bullpup rifle.

7. How many versions of the Desert Eagle are there?
There are three major iterations of the pistol including the Mark I, Mark VII, and the Mark XIX. It can be a little confusing to tell which is which because the Mark-level designations are not stamped into the guns. The first production model was the Mark I chambered for .357 Magnum (1983) and .44 Magnum (1986). It was available in 6', 10', and 14' barrels with a distinctive 3/8' dovetail rib on top of the barrel. These were all imported from Israel.

The exterior of the Mark VII (1989) looked like the Mark I, but featured some important changes, including a two-stage trigger, a re-designed safety lever and an enlarged slide release.

In the mid 1990s, the Desert Eagle platform was overhauled to accommodate the new and powerful .50 Action Express cartridge, making it the first .50-caliber semi-auto pistol on the market. Dubbed the Mark XIX, this version of the pistol required a larger slide and barrel diameter than previous models in order to accommodate the bigger cartridge. At the same time, interchangeable barrels chambered for .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum were developed to allow the Mark XIX to fire all three calibers using the same frame and slide. This 3-caliber Desert Eagle replaced the Mark I and Mark VII versions and is still in production today.

6. Do you have to own a Mark XIX in order use caliber-conversion kits?
Because the Mark I and Mark VII pistols have smaller diameter barrels and lighter slides than the Mark XIX, the old barrels will not work with the new slides, and vise versa. However, the dimensions of the Desert Eagle frame have not changed over the years. And so, technically speaking, it is possible to fit a complete Mark XIX slide and barrel assembly to an Mark I or Mark VII frame, if you really want to spend the money to do so.

5. Wasn’t the Desert Eagle Chambered for the .41 Magnum and .440 Cor-Bon? Where did they go?
The short-lived .41 Magnum cartridge was an ideal fit for the Mark VII platform. The caliber conversion worked reliably but it was a frustrating product from a marketing standpoint. When the .41 barrel was out of stock, customers asked for it, but when it was in stock, no one would buy it. Since the .41 Magnum was not a commercial success, the barrel was discontinued.

The .440 Cor-Bon round consists of a .50 AE cartridge case necked down to accept .429-caliber bullets. It is a fast, flat-shooting round with less recoil than the .50 AE. However, the .440 Cor-Bon pistols and barrels were discontinued because the ammunition was unreliable. Cor-Bon had difficulty creating and holding the shoulder position on necked down .50 AE brass. This resulted in rounds with varying headspace and thus poor function in the pistol.

4. The Desert Eagle is an action-movie icon. What was the first Hollywood movie it appeared in?
There were two movies released in 1985 featuring the Mark I. The first to reach theaters in August of that year was Year of the Dragon.The second film, arriving just a few weeks later in October, was the Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick Commando. Both films set the stage for the Desert Eagle pistol to become a popular movie prop.

Kumpulan Serial Number Idm

3. Are there any movie stars who kept their Desert Eagle after using it in a movie?
That's hard to say. The pistols are sent to a motion pictures studio prop house in California where they are converted to fire blanks. Once they are shipped out, Magnum Research really has no practical way to keep track of them.

Baby Desert Eagle Serial Numbers

2. Is there a rare or hard-to-find version of the Desert Eagle which has become a collector's item?
Early on, IMI made a few aluminum-framed .44 Magnums. These may be the rarest version out there, but they do pop up for sale occasionally.

Magnum Research Serial Number Dates

1. What is one of the most common customer questions asked about the Desert Eagle?
Of all the questions Magnum Research has fielded over the years about the Desert Eagle, one crops up more often than most: Which military or police forces around the world have adopted the Desert Eagle as their standard-issue sidearm? The answer is: none of them. Although this pistol is popular for target shooting, hunting, and as a movie gun, it seems the armed forces of the world are sticking to smaller pistols, at least for now.

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