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Once logged in, your Mac desktop will now appear in the VNC Viewer window in the same state as you left it. If you mouse to the top-middle of the window, you can spawn extra controls, which when you hover will give you a tooltip explaining what each one does. VNC Viewer Mac is software that allows you to remotely control your system. Or desktop remote control over the Internet and software. Or VNC Server.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

If you shoot a snapshot, slo-mo, or selfie on your iPhone, it’s automatically added to iCloud Photos — so it appears on your Mac, iOS and iPadOS devices, Apple TV,, and your PC. Even the photos and videos imported from your DSLR, GoPro, or drone to your Mac appear on all your iCloud Photos–enabled devices. ICloud Photos gives you access to your entire Mac photo and video library from all your devices. Download iphoto 11.


VNC® Viewer from RealVNC® gives you instant remote access to your Mac, Windows and Linux computers from anywhere in the world. You can view your computer's desktop, and control its mouse and keyboard as though you were sitting down in front of it.
Just visit and download VNC Connect to each computer you want to control. Then sign in to VNC Viewer on your device using your RealVNC account credentials. You'll see your computers automatically appear; simply tap to connect.
VNC Connect password-protects each computer out-of-the-box. You may need to enter the same user name and password you use to log in to your computer. All sessions are then encrypted end-to-end.
During a session, your device's touch screen serves as a trackpad to give you precise control. Drag your finger to move the remote mouse cursor and tap anywhere to left-click (other gestures such as right-click and scroll are explained in-app).
As the original inventors of VNC remote access technology, we're confident you'll love what VNC Viewer has to offer. If you're still not convinced, check out our reviews!
Key features
- Connect with ease via our cloud service to computers running VNC Connect.
- Backup and sync your connections between all your devices by signing in to VNC Viewer on each one.
- A scrolling bar above the virtual keyboard includes advanced keys such as Command/Windows.
- Support for Bluetooth keyboards.
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What’s New

• Support for high-speed streaming via a new UDP relay service even when peer-to-peer connectivity is not available.
• Improve reliability of connection establishment.
• Improve performance particularly in scenarios with high packet loss and latency.
• Fixed some bugs reported from the iOS 13 beta.

5.2K Ratings

Skeptical at first, but it’s AWESOME!

I wasn’t expecting too much from this app because it’s free and because I figured that it was probably more a gimmick than a productivity tool. Boy was I wrong. I try to install this directly onto a vpn, that didn’t work, so I installed in on my home computer and now I have access to both my computer and my full VPN from the home computer desktop, from my phone. I just made my phone 100 times more powerful. I can actually do anything now on the go, if I really have to. It’s unbelievable! And the controls work well; never had an issue with the keyboard, the gestures like tap and hold to move objects work well, and the mouse tool works well. Not sure about some of the negative reviews, but this app has changed my life, my view of my phone, and the things I can get done. I have now recommended this app to several people, some just couldn’t believe a phone could do that. And it’s free!! I am using an iPhone X by the way. No issues. Thank you devs for this app.

Best vnc viewer, and issues with iPad Pro 10.5' resolved!

Update again on February 19:
With combination of latest VNC update (3.4.0) and iOS 11.2.5, the app crashing issue seems to be resolved.
Thanks again to the great support and software from RealVNC!
Updated February 19:
The update just pushed out today (3.4.0) definitely made an attempt at dealing with app crashes on iPad Pro 10.5' using smart keyboard.
Most of the time, the single quote and double quote work just fine.
However, the pesky app crash still occurs, but much less often.
I tried playing with all of the keyboard settings, both for physical and logical keyboard, on iOS settings pages without complete success.
I will update my support request with this latest feedback..
I saw the developer response to the sudden crash when using the quote or double quote key on the iPad Pro hardware keyboard (not bluetooth).
I tried the workaround by turning off auto punctuation, but the app. still is crashing.
At least I know what key causes it now, but this is extremely frustrating.
I have been using Real VNC products pretty much from the very beginning, and have always been impressed with the quality of the products.
Please push out a fix for this ASAP and I will add a star back to this review.

Awesome app! Smooth and easy to use!

I’ve been using another large company app for years, but their prices have skyrocketed and I only need it now and then to connect to check certain personal files or documents or to show people how to do something! Installed it today following the steps and was able to connect to my desktop from my phone literally in about five minutes! Then I was able install on my other computer too! I haven’t tried it out in the world with normal cell reception data but on Wi-Fi, it’s smooth and no staggering mouse cursor etc. Best all it’s free for personal use! AAA+++


Mac Vnc Viewer Terminal

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Mac Vnc Viewer Port

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

I am an IT professional with25 years experience and always previously have relied on Windows Compatibility lists as the 'gold standard' of OS driver/hardware assurance. This adapter freezes Windows 8 after a few minutes of operation.I have tried this now on two different platforms and with every configuration of driver, slot and machine configuration I can possibly replicate. Without fail, as soon as I introduce this adapter to my test platforms - boom - the problem recurs.I have contacted TP-Link and await their response, but I am disappointed that Microsoft have declared this compatible despite growing evidence to the contrary - and this seems to be the case with other TP-Link adapters as well. I have rebuilt machines from scratch utilising wired Ethernet and installing devices one-at-a-time in differentorders.

Age Rating
Rated 4+


Tightvnc Viewer

  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Api standards list pdf.