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Intercultural Communication 7th Edition

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Details about Intercultural Competence: Including in-depth Theater themes, the author of Intercultural Competence 7th Edition (9241) worked hard to create a definitive text on the field of Performing Arts and Theater and similar subjects. If you are shopping the seventh release of Intercultural Competence for a Theater class.

  1. Intercultural Competenceprovides students with necessary communication skills to succeed in today's multicultural environment Blending both the practical and theoretical, this textoffers students contemporary coverage of the impact of technology on intercultural communication and cutting-edge interpersonal scholarship.
  2. Aug 03, 2012  Intercultural Competence / Edition 7. Merging the studies of intercultural and interpersonal communication, Intercultural Competence strikes a unique balance between theory and research and the needs and demands of a diverse audience. The book specifically focuses on the practical reasons for understanding people from different cultures.

Dr. Myron W. (Ron) Lustig is a renowned teacher, writer, scholar, and researcher. After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, he had a distinguished career as a professor of communication at San Diego State University (SDSU). He is now an emeritus professor at SDSU, a past president of the Western States Communication Association (WSCA), and a recent recipient of WSCA’s Distinguished Service Award, its highest honor. He is a former editor of Communication Reports and is currently on the editorial boards of several intercultural communication journals. His teaching and research interests include intercultural, group, and interpersonal communication theories, methods, and processes. Dr. Lustig has written 9 books or book revisions, over 30 scholarly research articles, and numerous conference papers. During several recent spring semesters, he has gained additional practical and theoretical lessons about Intercultural Competence while teaching intercultural communication to undergraduate and graduate students at Shanghai International Studies University.

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