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So we've been playing Scarlet Blade for a little while now and from what we've noticed. The game seemed a little small and fairly empty. However, upon finally leaving the first zone, we've found.

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Hi, since a Friend of mine wans't able to download the game (he hasn't enough space left on C:), i looked for an way to download the Game without the Akamai thingy.

I found 2 ways to download the game without it. First Way This method is rather simply, but you need an friend with an client to get it (since i dont download my minimal client). It's practicly an minimal client, which you may seen by games like Grand Fantasia before. Car mechanic simulator free play google. The required files are the ignite installer (which you can found mostly on C:AeriaGamesDownloaderaeria_ignite_install.exe) and the Clientfolder without the Data folder, Cache folder and PackCache.bin. The Client is then arround ~9Mb packed (with 7zip). You need to change the versioninfo.ini aswell. Open it on an Texteditor and change Launcher to 0 and Client to 0.

Now your client is ready for shipping. Your friend now needs to install ignite and place the minimal Client in an folder of his choose. Open the SBLauncher.exe and patch it up. Now after you press check files, the client will be downloaded.

Second Way (a bit more complex)

For the second way, you will need an user-agent switcher like 'User-Agent Switcher for Chrome'. This is important! Get the addon (if you didn't got it already). Prepare an extra Useragent and use for the user-agent string (or simmilar) following:

Akamai NetSession Interface

Now head to one of the following sites: ScarletBladeUSScarletBladeDE The Site will be display 2 numbers (on Chrome) or an XML data on others. copy the number of sid (or the second number on chrome) and add it to the end of the url. example:

now add /config behind it (case sensitive!)

Scarlet Blade Official Site

On this page, you will see all the direct links for the gameinstaller. Switch the user-agent to the one, we prepared earlier. paste the url in your browser, and you will download the file. October full movie free download sites. when you are done, start the scarletblade_xx_installer_xxxx.exe

And that's how you can download Scarlet Blade, if the downloader dont work :)


How To Download Scarlet Blade On Pc

How To Download Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade Download Windows 10

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