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Our new free photo overlays category can offer you a great variety of interesting and sophisticated overlays. Each photographer and designer will find something special for himself here. We offer any photo overlays starting with light leak overlays and ending with some rain overlays.

Free Photoshop overlays for creative photographers to improve their photo retouching and give them amazing photographs easy and fast. Have a huge number of ideas, but cannot implement them during the photoshoot? If so, don't worry, because thanks to our free Photoshop overlays you can easily realize your boldest ideas. These bundles are the easiest way to manage various elements, even those you didn't guess.

Based on the preferences of our customers, we provide you our overlays to use for JPEG and PNG formats. Our free overlays for Photoshop are intended for the layer over the top of the photo. Choosing the PNG format, you get overlays that have transparent edges and can be added directly to your photo. If you selected JPEG format, you will need to use the blend mode.

Forget about the limitations and let your imagination breathe in full, using a collection of more than 50 professional overlays for Photoshop free. A couple of clicks and your photo will get a completely stunning look, whether it's leaf, light, snow, sky or grunge effect.

Our Photoshop Overlays Free Include:

Photoshop Overlays Free

Each set has a standard content of ten free Photoshop overlays for photographers. This number of overlays is optimal and allows you to create a truly unique image for any photographic style. We try to make the final product not only as high-quality as possible, but also easy to use, so our overlays are available in various formats and on different operating systems.

These Photoshop free overlays are available for download in JPEG and PNG - the two main formats for professional images. In some cases, it is better to use JPEG, and in some cases - PNG. JPEG is an image format that uses lossy compression and does not support transparency. JPEG is optimal for the images with a large number of colors. PNG is an image format that works with full-color images, uses lossless compression and allows you to maintain transparency. PNG is optimal for images with a small number of colors.

Compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop 4-6 will allow you to use your habitual programs. Thanks to the instant downloading, you can quickly proceed directly to editing. In order not to limit our users, these free Photoshop overlays are available to both PC and Mac users and support RAW and JPEG photos. Enter your email and get any overlay within 2 minutes.

What Are PS Overlays?

Thanks to the adding of light tones and patterns, overlays give the opportunity to create the desired effect without much effort. Just a few actions and everything is ready. Using a transparent overlay, you can make the composition more harmonious, without suppressing other elements. Since Photoshop allows you to choose the level of opacity, you have complete freedom of action. To make your free Photoshop overlay more visible, set a high level of opacity. Conversely, if you need a less noticeable overlay, then select a lower opacity level. Experiment with opacity levels to find the perfect version for you.

Photoshop overlays have a huge number of variations, for example:

  • Adding the effect of rain drops or a flash of the lens.
  • Change the background to a more acceptable one. For example, replacing the gloomy sky with a beautiful sunset.
  • Adding colorful falling particles, whether it's leaves or snowflakes.
  • Creation of large-scale compositions with the participation of people, animals or large objects. This is especially useful if in real conditions this is not possible.

Thanks to our professionals, you can get a huge number of different overlays for every taste. The collection of FixThePhoto free Photoshop overlays will become for you a faithful companion for a long time at retouching photos.

Free Photoshop Overlays for Photographers

1. Free leaf overlays for Photoshop

Using a lot of different particles, such as leaves or feathers, it can be very difficult to catch the perfect moment or make a creative frame. As a result - a lot of time and nerves spent. Our professional team solved this problem once and for all, creating wonderful sets of leaves, rose petals and feathers Photoshop overlays. You no longer need to spend a lot of time - just enjoy the result.

2. Light Overlays Photoshop Free

Have seen in the web beautiful images with a completely unusual and beautiful warm effect, but cannot recreate the same in Photoshop? Don't worry, we've done almost all the work for you, so you just have to download these beautiful light overlays. Enhance your photo with a sun splashes, Bokeh or even glitters. It's best to use these effects as an addition to the image with a beautiful and rich natural light. Make your landscape, wedding and lifestyle photos pop with these PS overlays.

3. Bokeh Overlays Photoshop Free

4. Rain Overlays for Photoshop Free

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Most fall photos in raining conditions seem impossible: the sky is gray, the nature isn’t bright. Our rain overlays will allow you to get not only incredibly beautiful, but also special, unique pictures. Create unusual and deep photos with the rain, all colors look much juicier, brighter and more colorful than in spring or summer.

5. Free Photoshop Sky Overlays

Photography in the mist or against the sky can be very whimsical. Often after such a photoshoot, the photos are blurred and flat. Thanks to our sky overlays you will forget about such problems and make sky more vivid. In this set you will find a wide variety of sky, snow overlays and be sure to pick something for your pictures.

6. Free Grunge Photoshop Overlays

Grunge style has become popular in the world of photography because it looks always spectacular and stylish. There are no borders, restrictions on age, nationality and social belonging. If you like this philosophy and you want to effortlessly join it, then we advise you to use our grunge free Photoshop overlays. Make your photo really free and stylish at the same time.

7. Free Wings Photoshop Overlays

8. Free Watercolor Photoshop Overlays

9. Winter Photoshop Overlays

10. Vintage Overlays Photoshop

11. Free Sperkler Photoshop Overlays

12. Free Flower Photoshop Overlays


13. Free Photoshop Fireworks Overlays

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14. Color Overlays Photoshop

15. Scratches Overlays Photoshop

16. How to Use Overlays in Photoshop

How to Get our Free Overlays for Photoshop

To get our free Photoshop overlays for photographers you don’t need to exert much effort. First of all, browse our catalog and see all overlays and functions that they perform, view before and after samples. Select the desired free Photoshop overlay and click the download button. Enter your name and email address. A direct download link will come to your e-mail. Download the selected PS overlay and use it without any restrictions. Experiment and be creative combining several Photoshop overlays on one photograph.

How to Work with a Chosen Photoshop Free Overlays Pack

Photoshop overlays are the images that fitting over an editable image for creating the desired effect, such as replacing the sky, adding rain drops and more. Since PS overlays are the images, they are not part of Adobe Photoshop and should be stored on your laptop (it's advisable to store them in easily accessible places so that later there would be no problems with their search). After saving the overlays for Photoshop free on your computer, you need only a few steps to apply them. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it is. So, your actions:

  1. Open the desired photo.
  2. Find the top menu bar and select: File> Place. Your free Photoshop overlay will be displayed as a separate layer and overlaid on top of the main image.
  3. Adjust the position and size of your overlay relative to the main image.
  4. Lock the overlay position by clicking on Enter.
  5. Having a .jpeg file with a dark background, use the blending mode.


  1. Experiment with the layer opacity to choose the perfect option for each style.
  2. If you are not satisfied with some part of the free Photoshop overlay, you can easily erase it using the Paintbrush Tool.



Free Photoshop Sky Overlays For Photographers


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