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Sep 15, 2019  The IP address range is through, a range that has been reserved especially for Microsoft. If a Windows Vista computer fails to get an IP address from DHCP Server, then you may have to confirm if the DHCP Server supports the BROADCAST flag. To resolve this issue, disable the DHCP BROADCAST flag in Windows Vista.

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My Windows system got an 169.xx.xx.xx IP address the other day, and I fixed the issue, but why did Microsoft chose this address as the default?

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Why not 1.xx.xx.xx or 255.xx.xx.xx? Did one guy at Microsoft say

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Hey, pick a number 1 to 255..who just said 169?! OK, we're going with that for our Windows default IP address.

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It's not MS it is the ISOC ;-)

Have a look at reserved IP address RFC 5735 under special use IPv4:here - This is the 'link local' block. As described in [RFC3927], it is allocated for communication between hosts on a single link. Hosts obtain these addresses by auto-configuration, such as when a DHCP server cannot be found. Free dmv driving record.

Dan M.Dan M.

169 Ip Address Windows 10 Beta

The use of 169.x.x.x addresses are defined within a standard colloquially known as APIPA - Automatic Private IP Addressing.

In a nutshell, if a network device has not been assigned a fixed (static) address and cannot obtain one by asking (DHCP), the device says to itself, 'Well, I'd better make up an address of my own so I can communicate on this network', so it assigns itself an APIPA address, which start at and run up to

If you suddenly find your computer has an address within the AIPIA range it usually means that the device on the network dishing out addresses (the DHCP server) is not contactable for some reason; it may be switched off or your network cable has become disconnected, for example.

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Hp pavilion dv6 notebook pc wireless drivers for windows 7. To state Dan M's answer in another terms, your DHCP server has a problem and cannot allocate an IP address. When Windows and any other OS is configured to get an IP via DHCP and they don't get any, they automatically assign 169.254.xxx.xxx IP


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